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How many times have you been on a retailer’s website only to discover that they don’t ship to Canada! Or maybe they do, but the international shipping charges and brokerage fees just want to make you laugh.

By shipping to your US Shipping Address in Richford, VT you can avoid these fees, enjoying the low prices offered to American consumers. And who knows, maybe you’ll even get free shipping too! Become a savvy shopper, take full advantage of the great prices, unique selection and irresistible styles south of the border.

Our Services


Get your parcels shipped to our location and pick them up for a nominal fee. Simple. Practical. Cheap.


We send out your pre-labeled parcels via UPS, USPS or Fedex; we create labels and ship via UPS.


We can also take care to return any of your parcels to the sender – without you having to ever come down to the store.


Use our Postal Address for other valuable applications beyond shopping. Make sure to contact us first before getting mail sent.

Why Use Pinnacle Parcels Services

You’re probably wondering if the exchange rate still warrants the use of our services ? Here are some major benefits.

Save Time

Doing cross-border shipping adds up to 100% of shipping time due to several carriers, customs and other potential issues.

Save Money

Even with high Exchange rates you can still save off higher shipping costs, custom brokerage fees …etc

Get Parcels Sooner

You just ordered a book, electronic device, tires, or what-not and don’t want to wait over a week to get it ? Use our service.

Get a US address

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Have a safe place

Have a safe place to receive parcels when you are not at home.

Cross-border Shopping
  • Get parcels through customs
  • More choice shoping in the US


Get started in 3 easy steps

We want you to use our services as much as possible, so we’ve made it not only economincal, but VERY easy to get started. Here is how.


If it’s the first time you use our services, familiarize yourself with our offer by browsing the website. You should contact us if you have any remaining questions so we can help you quickly, via email or phone.

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Simply do your shopping online or via phone with your favorite US stores and use our location as the shipping address.
Click the button below to see exactly how the shipping address should be written.

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Simply come down or delegate someone to pick up the parcel(s) on your behalf.
If you cannot come during our opening hours call the day before to make arrangements.

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